Disinfestation is the package of measures aimed at the destruction of harmful or nuisance insects. Very important is the hygienic point of view, that they can transfer some significant disease or they can harm to store products or devices, etc.

Pest control and technique of disinfestation

  • We find out the species of insect, the spread of source and the extent of contamination.
  • We give you options of sanitation intervention, condition of the building and the surrounding area, methods of handling and storage of raw materials, packaging etc.
  • We determine exposure time and the period of decommission facility operation.
  • We suggest ways of redevelopment and we clarify the conditions for ensuring the successful work performed.
  • We determine the best type of preparation (low toxicity vicinty) due to natural and acquired resistence, arthrpod species and their stages of development and living conditions.
  • We carry out the measures to protect resources and the environment object.
  • We instruct persons interested in disinfestation operations with applicable laws and obligations arising for them.

The success of individual actions depends on the correct choice of the method of disinsection, eventually on the right combination of several ways, so because of it is better to choose professionals.

Methods of disinfestation:

We offer protection for your objects using mass technology objects in livestock and crop production, food processing plants and others.

Disposal of a difficult insect with small equipment (cottages, restaurants, hotels and others).

Disposal of ectoparasites (corns, lice, mange mites, fleas, ticks).

Disposal of wood-boring insects.

Disposal of vermin with using gas.

Work in the HACCP system.