Desinfection is the complex of measures aimed at destruction of disease-causing (pathogenic) or other harmful microorganisms in the environment, so they can not further spread of infectious diseases in human and animals.

Preventive disinfection

Preventive disinfection improve work and hygienic environment and it prevent so-called stable fatigue and depressed growth factor.

Focal disinfection

Focal disinfection destroy pathogenic microorganisms in the outbreak. It interrupts further spread of the disease.

We provide disinfection with focus on objects of livestock production

After exploration activities we determine the best disinfectant with respect to technology and construction materials in building. At the same time we determine the dose of concentrate, temperature and exposure time, the number of applications etc.

We provide:

Desinfekci dopravních prostředků

Disinfection after death

Dispose of mold

Disinfection of farms

Disinfection of food plants

Disinfection of stables with respiratory diseases etc.

Disinfection of wells and sources of drinking water, swimming pools etc.