It is the complex measures to exterminate or reduce of harmful rodents. The purpose of deratization can be preventive measures or repressive measures.

Preventive deratization

Preventive deratization is the first step for a succesfull exterminate of small rodents. It is also very important to make it as a systematic trend. The main aim of the preventive deratization is a deterioration in living conditions for the species of rodents.

Represive deratization

It is carried out separately at the place where rodents are detected. Alternatively it could be the subsequent phase of preventive procedures to eradicate the population of these undesirable animals.

Methods of rodent control

Chemical method

We work with substance of selective toxicity to harmful rodents. Chemical method is the most reliable and the most used method yet. The most commonly used procedure is setting ingestible bait. This bait contains higly effective rodenticides second and third generations in granul or solid blocks. In exceptional cases we use loose baits own production.

Physical method

Physical method uses pitfalls to direct disposal of individuals or whole group. We can not expect more than 5-10% on success rate.

We offer the following methods of rodent control:

Large-scale rodent control towns and villages.

Nationwide rodent control premises and businesses buildings, house associations etc.

Rodent control in the food industry, factories and warehouses, administrative buildings, shopping centres etc.

Disposal of rodents in hard to reach areas, mines, pipelines and in the sewerage systems.

Individual interventions on houses and farms.

Disposal of rodents on golf courses and sports fields of grass.

DDD treatment schedule work in the HACCP system.